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La Reina Yolanda

Houston Fringe Festival - LaReina YolandaHouston Fringe Festival - LaReina Yolanda
Venue Date TIme
Matchbox 1 Saturday, Sep. 9 7:30 PM Buy Tickets
Matchbox 1 Sunday, Sep. 10 4:30 PM Buy Tickets

Houston Fringe Festival

La Reina Yolanda

Written, Directed, and Performed by Leesa Castaneda

Meet Yolanda, a fierce Latina who we follow from childhood to old age.  Beset by tragedy, she leans on her sharp mind and family to land on her feet. An advocate for her family and the less fortunate, her mind becomes ravaged by Alzheimer's.  She's faced with the fight for her mind, sense of self and the family she has fought hard to protect.  When who we are begins to disappear piece by piece, how do we hold on to the essence of what defines us.

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