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Events on Sunday, November 10, 2019

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Sunday, November 10 at 2:00 PM

2:00 PM
Singaree Production and Rosemary Candelario - Story - The Opera/aqueous

A Houston Fringe Festival Double Bill

This unique double bill, only showing at the Houston Fringe Festivals, features original works by award-winning writer Kay Adshead and acclaimed butoh artist Rosemary Candelario. Stormy – The Opera uses the life and times of ancient burlesque queen, Miss Stormy, as a conduit to explore America’s turbulent present and its possibly terrifying future; aqueous grapples with the extremes of water in the state of Texas, which eons ago was covered by ocean, and now includes large swaths of desert: drought and floods; dry plains swept by massive thunderstorms; hurricanes and dust storms; bordering the Gulf Coast but with no natural lakes in the entire state; water-rich regions and water-poor regions. Water here is alternately life-giving and destructive.Read more

Sunday, November 10 at 3:30 PM

3:30 PM
Juxtapose - Elevated Visions

Juxtapose Arts Collective

Juxtapose Arts Collective (JUX) is excited to present Elevated Visions at the Houston Fringe Festival. Since its inception in 2016, JUX has strived to bring professional performing art to the Houston community. JUX has grown exponentially over the past 3 years of existence, thus titling our 4th season Elevated Visions. Join us as we revive our favorite mixed repertoire works from our past seasons set on JUX and JII for this retrospective evening of dance!Read more

Sunday, November 10 at 6:30 PM

6:30 PM
Group Acorde - Fear- a work in progress - The Barn Storm Dance Fest - Photographer Lynn Lane

Group Acorde

Group Acorde is thrilled to be back at Houston Fringe Festival this year! The company will perform Inperson, a work commissioned to Israeli choreographer Anat Grigorio that received support from the Consulate of Israel in Houston and premiered in August 2017 for the whole company, and a new work in development with choreography by Roberta Paixao Cortes and Lindsey McGill. The program will be an intimate experience for audience members, original live music by Thomas Helton and Seth Paynter and contemporary dance culminating in a Q & A session with all performers at the end of each show.Read more