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Houston Fringe Festival - fails

Houston Fringe Festival


Created and performed by Blake Beckham and Hez Stalcup

Atlanta-based performance outfit, The Lucky Penny brings "fails", an experimental dance duet created and performed by Blake Beckham and Hez Stalcup. Playful and irreverent, the work is an earnest examination into the nature of failure, offering a timely reflection on conditions of loss, rupture, futility and collapse. Through a raw vocabulary that celebrates the hyper-mundane, the duo presents failings as moments of critical insight, where we learn to find resilience and take courage. "fails" features live original music by Alessandra Hoshor, who performs under the moniker Pamela_and her sons.Read more

When Temptation Comes

Houston Fringe Festival - When Temptation Comes

When Temptation Comes tells the story of how newlyweds Carl and wife Desiree spend their second wedding anniversary. Carl, oblivious to all the things around him, thinks his marriage and life is perfect but as the old saying goes, “happy wife, makes a happy life.” As he makes plans to throw his wife the ultimate surprise party he ends up getting the biggest surprise of them all. The only question is, what will he do WHEN TEMPTATION COMES?Read more

Vesper and Other Dances

Houston Fringe Festival - Vesper and other Dances

Houston Fringe Festival

Vesper and Other Dances

Presented by the Pilot Dance Project, Choreography by Ashley Horn, Laura Harrell, Jennifer Mabus, jhon r. stronks, Adam Castaneda, and Lauren Hurstell

The Pilot Dance Project brings its critically acclaimed show, Ashley Horn's Vesper, to the 2017 Houston Fringe Festival, along with other repertory work the company has presented over the past year. Wrote Lydia Hance of Dance Source Houston: "Vesper was a serious shift in tone from Horn’s previously dreamy and whimsical works. She put a lot of weighty ideas on that stage; she was ready to challenge us with the seriousness of mindful living."Read more

Heavens, Mr. Darcy!: Improvised Erotic Jane Austen

Houston Fringe Festival - Heavens, Mr. Darcy!

The day you’ve been waiting for has finally come, dear reader. The day when Jane Austen characters finally succumb to their innermost desires – scenes of sinful scintillating salutations and comely courting cupidity.

Join The Hideout Theatre's top notch cast of award-winning improvisers who will bring the quiet romance and boundless politeness of Jane Austen to the throws of ravenous passion and desire we’ve all been waiting our very long lives for. Heavens, Mr. Darcy! is a play that is all completely improvised on the spot, complete with period costumes and music!Read more