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Say That He Had More Than A Dream

HMAAC - Say That He Had More Than A Dream

Houston Museum of African American Culture

Say That He Had More Than A Dream


During the anniversary weekend of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s iconic and timeless "I HAVE A DREAM" speech, the Houston Museum of African American Culture (HMAAC) presents the Houston premiere of Lois Moses’ “Say That He More Than A Dream.” This gripping multifaceted drama honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the sacrifices he made during the last years of his courageous life. HMAAC brings you the Philadelphia-based First World Theatre Ensemble production of this provocative piece that moves beyond the "mountaintop."

Directed by Zuhairah McGill and choreography by Charles Tyson, Jr, this fact-based drama gives us another lens through which to view the lives of Dr. and Mrs. King. Powerful acting interwined with spoken word, music, song, dance, music, and multimedia unveil untold truths from the Poor People’s Campaign to the Hoover administration’s four-year harassment of Coretta Scott King!!!Read more

Life X 3

Dirt Dogs Theater - Life X 3


From the award-winning playwright of Art and God of Carnage comes a witty and acerbic view of how the simplest and most random of events can change the outcomes in life. Henry and Sonia are planning a dinner party for Henry’s influential co-worker Hubert and his wife Inez. When the dinner guests arrive on the wrong night, Henry and Sonia are forced to receive them with no warning, no food, and an unpredictable six-year-old who won’t go to sleep. Henry has just one shot at getting Hubert to recommend his longed-for promotion. Or might he have two; or even three?Read more

Lone Star Feminist

Houston Fringe Festival - Lone Star Feminist

Houston Fringe Festival

Lone Star Feminist

Written and Performed by Andrea Baldwin

Says Andrea Baldwin: "I am Texan. I am Black. I am a Feminist. To be one or two of these things can cause slight disruption. To be all of them can cause massive controversy."

Lone Star Feminist explores the realization of the above identities through multiple notable icons in regional history. This performance interweaves both relational, para-social, spiritual, and professional experiences that give voice to a specific demographic and courage to the performer to claim and re claim again identities embedded in race, gender, and regional discourse.Read more

Better on the Outside; Remembering the Missing

Houston Fringe Festival - Remembering

This program features recent work by two Houston independent choreographers/art-makers. Better on the Outside, by Daniela Antelo and Brenda Cruz-Wolf, is dance-for-film that features 90-yard pieces of pink fabric in which dancers move in and out of. An industrial setting magnifies the geometry created by both fabric and dancers. Lori Yuill's Remembering the Missing explores the intersection between memory and sensation.  Where do we store our memories and how do we access them (or how do they access us)?  Can we call up those sensations at will and what new territory will be revealed by putting them into action. Remembering the Missing is conceived and directed by Lori Yuill and performed by Daniela Antelo, Miranda Tadlock, jhon r. stronks and Lori Yuill. Read more

Crawling with Monsters Now

Houston Fringe Festival - Crawling

Houston Fringe Festival

Crawling with Monsters Now

Presented by Latino Theatre Initiatives

Crawling with Monsters Now is an award-winning multimedia documentary that takes audiences inside war-torn Reynosa, Mexico, and other nearby communities.  Actors from the University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley bring to life recent testimonies from Mexico, presenting passages word-for-word from recently recorded interviews (conducted by the actors themselves).  This show gives people in Mexico a voice despite the news blackout in a country where journalism is dead.  Includes live music, videos, images and other projections.  Do not miss the show that has garnered awards and rave reviews across the country.  Winner, Overall Excellence Award (New York International Fringe Festival, 2011); Best of Show (Houston Fringe Festival, 2012); listed as one of the memorable shows in New York City for the year 2011 (Back Stage East).  This updated version is from 2017.  Ages 14 and up.Read more

The 500 List

Houston Fringe Festival - The 500 List

Houston Fringe Festival

The 500 List

Music Written and Performed by Ryan Adam Wells

Ryan Adam Wells of the Award Winning Beers About Songs returns with another side of the story: the 500 List. Two friends road trip across the United States and conquer their personal darkness through Music and Love...and a little bit of Danger

Following his award-winning performance at the Orlando Fringe Festival, Ryan Adam Wells returns to his hometown with the 500 List, The follow-up to last year's Best Original Music winner Beers About Songs, the 500 List follows two friends as they road trip across the United States and conquer their personal darkness through music and love ... and a little bit of dancer.Read more