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¡Celebración! MECA 40th Anniversary Concert

MECA - Celebracion MECA 40th Anniversary Concert


¡Celebración! MECA 40th Anniversary Concert

A Four Decade Performance Retrospective

MECA celebrates its fortieth anniversary with an evening of performances by artists that have shaped the reputation and impact of the organization. The evening will feature a mix of music, theater, dance, and cultural performances with artists hailing from points across the city, state, and country.Read more

Evening at The Talk House

Catastrophic Theatre - Evening at The Talk House

In an imagined near future, the creative team behind a critically lauded but ultimately unsuccessful play called “Midnight in a Clearing With Moon and Stars” have gathered at their old haunt, The Talk House. It’s the ten-year anniversary of what turned out to be one of the last plays ever performed. Over the course of a night the characters begin revealing disturbing secrets about what their lives have become. The unnamed country they live in is ruled by a charming but frightening autocrat, and many people are finding themselves increasingly complicit and morally compromised in surprising and ominous ways. This new darker-than-dark comedy by Catastrophic favorite Wallace Shawn examines the ways in which artists resist, try to hide from, and sometimes abet brutal state power.Read more

Querido San Antonio (Dear Saint Anthony)

Gente de Teatro - Querido San Antonio

Gente de Teatro

Querido San Antonio (Dear Saint Anthony)

By Argentine playwright Patricia Suárez

Gente de Teatro celebrates its 22nd season with Querido San Antonio (Dear Saint Anthony), an ingenious comedy in which one man and three women meet at a church in a suburban neighborhood.  Dear Saint Anthony is a witty play about the longings of three mid-twentieth century women, all devotees of Saint Anthony, who stray from the straight and narrow in an upside-down world where anything goes.Read more

My Spanglish Hip Hop Story

Marlon Lizama - My Spanglish Hip Hop Story

Iconoclast and Silverback

My Spanglish Hip Hop Story

Written by Marlon Lizama, Produced by Mario Jaramillo

“My Spanglish Hip Hop Story” is a one man show following the timeline of a young immigrant's journey and influences, from the third world to the ultimate melting pot. It is music, poetry, dance, multi media, and storytelling. A story of struggle and the power of Revolution, Love, and this thing they call Hip Hop.Read more


Catastrophic Theatre - Rhinoceros

A rhinoceros suddenly appears in a sleepy town, trampling through the peaceful streets. Soon another appears, and another, and another until it becomes clear that ordinary citizens are actually transforming into beasts as they learn to “move with the times.”  The Catastrophic Theatre continues its tradition of presenting avant-garde classics with Eugene Ionesco’s anti-fascist, absurdist comedy RHINOCEROS. Full of biting wit and nightmarish anxiety, RHINOCEROS is a modern masterpiece that comments on the plight of the human condition, made tolerable only by self-delusion.Read more


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