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Karen Stokes Dance - X20Karen Stokes Dance - X20
Venue Date TIme
Matchbox 2 Friday, Nov. 10 8:00 PM
Matchbox 2 Saturday, Nov. 11 8:00 PM

Karen Stokes Dance celebrates 20 years of original performances in "X20".

"X20" looks backwards at the work of Karen Stokes over the last 20 years, while moving forward with the premiere of "Mapping & Glaciers." At this 20 year juncture, Stokes views the company at a crossroads: "We are at the center of an X, with our legs firmly planted in the earth, and our arms reaching to the future!" The celebratory performance includes former company members joining current members on stage in a joyful celebration of past, present, and future.

Karen Stokes Dance