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CORE Performance Company


The mission of CORE, a Contemporary Dance Organization, is to create, perform, and present compelling, original dance that ignites the creative spirit and actively engages in international cultural conversations. In our communities, CORE supports innovation, collaboration, artistic risk-taking, and sustainable art-making in dance


We envision CORE as a catalyst for the continued evolution of Atlanta and Houston as dynamic centers for dance, with the knowledge that dance as art-making is a vital element of the fabric of human experience. 


CORE values international risk taking, innovation, community-building, collaboration, mentoring and investigation carried out with integrity, compassion and an attention to capacity. 


Since 1980, CORE Performance Company has been creating and performing innovative contemporary dance. Known for its riveting, passionate and unique work, CORE has been internationally acclaimed in performance, tours and residencies in the U.S., Mexico, Guatemala, Sweden, Germany, Croatia and the Republic of Georgia.With homes in Atlanta, Georgia and Houston, Texas, CORE creates intimate and original work that evolves through experimentation, improvisation, and collaboration with artists from different mediums.Performing the work of Artistic Director, Sue Schroeder, as well as guest choreographers including Beppie Blankert, Polly Motley, Alicia Sánchez, Ellen Bromberg, Bill Evans, Jacalyn Carley, Tanzcompagnie Rubato, Bill Young and John Mead, CORE maintains a strong profile as a contemporary dance company through its diverse body of multi-layered work.

Past Events at MATCH

On Love (excerpts 2 minutes)