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Dance from the Heart


Dance from the Heart is a Houston, TX based 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization that uses multi-cultural dance education and performance to reveal the common ground in our communities.

We provide contributing dancers the opportunity to receive continuing education through Artist In Residence Programs, ongoing classes, and workshops designed to deliver focused, intense instruction over a short period of time.

We encourage community relations, public outreach and awareness by donating time and talent to local events whose underlying mission shares our goals.


Being a small organization, we all wear multiple hats to get the job done.  On the administrative side, the Officers of the Corporation and their positions are:

Anne Caruthers, President and Creative Director
Andrea Ghotekar, Secretary
Justin Piwetz, Treasurer


Joining the Officers on the Board are the following Directors:

Kimberly Larkspur, DFTH Artistic Director and Dauntless Dance & Movement Studio Manager
Nick Green, Technical Director


April Rose Burnam (Austin, TX)
Helene Christopher (Austin, TX)
Suzy Minor (Houston, TX)
Alesha Yamal (Houston, TX)


Karen Millerchip (Houston, TX)

Past Events at MATCH

No previous performances