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¡Celebración! MECA 40th Anniversary Concert

MECA - Celebracion MECA 40th Anniversary Concert


¡Celebración! MECA 40th Anniversary Concert

A Four Decade Performance Retrospective

MECA celebrates its fortieth anniversary with an evening of performances by artists that have shaped the reputation and impact of the organization. The evening will feature a mix of music, theater, dance, and cultural performances with artists hailing from points across the city, state, and country.Read more

Direct Path to Detour

DiverseWorks -Direct Path to Detour

Direct Path to Detour is a new dance work by Portland-based choreographer Takahiro Yamamoto. Grounded in the idea that a sense of who we are is rooted in our embodied experiences, this dance evokes mental and physical states at the intersection of value systems, social pressures, expectations, and personal experiences of four dancers.Read more