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Performance Art

Ghana ThinkTank

CounterCurrent 17 - GhanaThinkTank - Photo Credit dabfoto creative

In 2016, Ghana ThinkTank asked What’s your Houston diversity problem? Houstonians had a lot to say—much of it related to cultural and ethnic identity. Now, international think tanks in India, Iran, Indonesia, Morocco, Gaza, Serbia, and Germany are concocting solutions to Houston’s problems. During CounterCurrent17, come see how these think tanks are solving the issues of the “first world.”Read more

Movement V: Ballroom

CounterCurrent 17 - Movement V - Photo Credit Leah Maghanoy

Visual artist Kevin Beasley creates a site-specific sculptural and sound installation at the iconic Eldorado Ballroom, which served the Third Ward with a who’s who of the great blues and jazz players from the 1940s through the 1970s. Beasley explores cultural, personal, and historical contexts—and related materials—in assembling his art.Read more

Illusions of Urbanscape

CounterCurrent 17 - Illusions of Urbanscape

In this new lecture, Gamboa looks at myth in contemporary society with images and videos of his work. For more than forty years, his artistic lens has responded to the Los Angeles “urbanscape” with its subtle layering of codes, rules, and visual markers that contribute to making a sophisticated living space for millions of people.Read more


CounterCurrent 17 - Farmhouse Whorehouse

CounterCurrent Festival


An Artist Lecture by Suzanne Bocanegra Starring Lili Taylor

Lili Taylor performs Suzanne Bocanegra’s newest lecture as Suzanne Bocanegra.

Using text, song, costume, film, and projections, Farmhouse/Whorehouse draws on the lives of Bocanegra’s grandparents on their small farm in La Grange, Texas, which was across the road from the Chicken Ranch, better known as “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.”Read more