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The Strangerer

Catastrophic Theatre - The Strangerer

George W. Bush wants to kill PBS newsman Jim Lehrer. He wants to kill him right on the stage of his first presidential debate with John Kerry. A surreal reimagining of real events, THE STRANGERER delves deeply into the minds of the three characters, especially Bush, in surprising, often hilarious, and sometimes unsettling ways. This production reunites the cast of The Catastrophic Theatre’s 2008 production of THE STRANGERER, about which The Houston Chronicle wrote, “The Strangerer may be Theatre of the Absurd — yet it's also the funniest and most acutely meaningful example of the genre I've encountered in ages.”Read more

Jim Lehrer and the Theater and Its Double and Jim Lehrer's Double

Catastrophic Theatre - Jim Lehrer and the Theater

Jim Lehrer, legendary PBS news anchor and presidential debate moderator, is now retired and sitting alone on a gloomy evening in his suburban Washington, DC home. Suddenly his double, Jim Lehrer the aspiring playwright, bursts in, having narrowly escaped the rabidly angry audience from the opening night of his first produced play. Lehrer II must now convince his twin their lives are in danger from the mysteriously incensed mob. The Catastrophic Theatre’s mini-festival of Mickle Maher plays continues with this wildly inventive spiritual sequel to THE STRANGERER.Read more

Ed Asner in A Man and His Prostate

MATCH Presents - A Man and His Prostate

Actor and TV legend Ed Asner brings his acclaimed one-man show, A Man and His Prostate, to MATCH for one show only. Written by Asner's long-time friend, Ed. Weinberger, whose own impressive credits include a lengthy career in television (Mary Tyler Moore, Taxi, the Cosby Show), A Man and His Prostate is based on Weinberger's real-life story of becoming ill while vacationing in Italy. Weinberger's near tragedy is performed as a monologue by Asner as he visits the hospital in preparation for a surgery he needs but doesn't want. Never has a visit to the hospital been so funny.Read more

Into the Woods

Operativo - Into the Woods

You've probably seen the recent film adaptation "Into the Woods", now come and see all the amazing bits that were left out including a number that was cut from the Original Broadway show! Into the Woods is one of, if not the most, popular musicals in the Sondheim repertoire. Come see our minimal but effective set using incredible lighting design, projections, and a single platform to effectively communicate the vision from the original production! Read more