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Raquel Cepeda Music


Raquel Cepeda Music’s mission is to engage with and celebrate the diverse cultural expressions of music though the language of Jazz by participating as an artist and through the promotion of performances that highlight diversity. Raquel Cepeda Music’s projects currently include the Raquel Cepeda Jazz Quartet, Brazil Samba Jazz, and Jazzismo Latin Jazz. 


Based in Houston, Raquel Cepeda is originally from Venezuela. She has recorded 2 CDs, "Juegos de Playa" and her solo CD "I'm Confessin’”, and has participated in projects with other artists including the CD “The Fountainhead” (2014) by American trumpet player Kenneth Easton and "Vogue Samba Jazz" (2016) by Brazilian pianist Marvio Ciribelli. Raquel was the winner of the first place of the “Ucevista Voice Festival” in Venezuela in 1995, writes her own original compositions, and has sang with important figures in jazz including legendary American jazz pianist Ellis Marsalis.

The Raquel Cepeda Jazz Quartet was established in 2014 and it's comprised by Raquel Cepeda as Vocalist and leader, Grant Gist on piano, Osama Raad on drums, and Glen Ackerman on double bass. 

With a track record of filling up the venues where they perform, since their foundation they have attracted jazz lovers and fans that attend their shows regularly and introduce their music to their friends on a continuous basis.

Past Events at MATCH

The Raquel Cepeda Jazz Quartet - Video