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Houston Pride Band - Tapas

The Houston Pride Band presents "Tapas", the final concert of the season featuring a buffet of musical treats. Every section of the group along with the full band will be highlighted in special performances that will satisfy every musical style and taste. Come and enjoy our "small bites" of music including a wide variety of classical, jazz, broadway, rock and traditional band literature- something for everyone!Read more

Melodies and Beats in The Key of Life

One A Chord - Melodies and Beats in The Key of Life

One A' Chord Music School

Melodies and Beats in The Key of Life

Directed by Krystal J. Holmes & Scott Myron

Music is the paintbrush that adds color and character to the heart and the mind. Featured are local guest artists, student pianists as young as 5, vocalists, and instrumentalists who will skillfully fuse musical genres, giving the listener a "painting" depicting how music shapes our world.Read more

Mary Black

MATCH Presents - Mary Black

MATCH Presents

Mary Black

The Last Call Tour

For over a quarter-century, singer Mary Black has been a dominant presence in Irish music, both at home and abroad. Mary has released 11 studio albums all of which achieved platinum sales status and spawned countless hits. She has shared stages, TV shows and recording studios with some of the most revered performers of her time. She has also played a front-line role in bringing Irish music, past and present, to an increasingly appreciative and ever-growing global audience.

In an industry noted for its fickleness and its almost insatiable need for fresh novelties Mary Black’s enduring successes have proven that her depth of talent and her love of singing transcend the generations, as well as national and musical boundaries too. She is indeed a real Irish treasure and her talent a gift from this small island to a grateful world.

In a New Year’s message on her website in January Mary said:
“Music has been so good to me, I've loved touring the world for the last 30 years….I have made so many friends and have countless fond memories from different corners of the globe. So to my fans everywhere I'd like to thank you and let you know that I hope to get back again to all my favourite places, for one final tour - 'The Last Call'Read more