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How to rent MATCH

Before you go too far in the process, it is important to have an understanding of what MATCH is. MATCH was created as an affordable, up-to-date rental space for cultural arts groups and was designed to meet a wide variety of needs. However, it is not always the right solution for every group and before renting, you should take stock of what you need and what MATCH provides.


How the Rental process works

There is a lot of information about our rental spaces, available equipment, and rental policies found on our website and you should review this information before making an inquiry. Also please have an idea which space you are interested in and approximate dates before sending in a request.

Inquiries about rentals should be made to Managing Director Kirk Markley, Email communication is best as it provides a record of requests.

If the requested date is available, the process will proceed with either an Event Hold Form or a personal interview with MATCH staff. Interviews are usually reserved for new renters. Event Hold Forms will be sent to you via email and can be returned the same way. Securing your date requires a completed Event Hold Form and a deposit. After an Event Hold Form is returned to MATCH, an invoice will be generated for the first deposit. This invoice can be paid online.

Your date will not be held against other rentals until we have a completed Event Hold Form and a deposit.

After your date is secured, the MATCH Director of Production will send you a Technical / Front of House Questionnaire which will helps us understand the details of your rental. Once this Questionnaire is returned and the details sorted out, an Agreement will be generated by the Managing Director based upon the rental rates also found on our website. This Agreement requires an initial payment due upon signing, usually equal to 50% of the total rental or license fee.

Once the agreement is signed and returned, the MATCH Patron Services Manager will send you a Ticketing Questionnaire. The answers to this Questionnaire will then be used to post your event on our website and put it on sale, as well as schedule front of house staffing and concessions.

If your event includes a reception, it is imperative that you also reserve a place for this reception. The Patron Services Manager will send an additional questionnaire about the details of your reception.

Ten days before your event, you will need to provide a refundable Security Deposit and a Certificate of Insurance.

The balance of your rental fee is due either ten days before the event or at settlement if we sell your tickets.

Settlement takes place on the Monday or Tuesday after the event and will reconcile all box office receipts, additional charges (e.g. technical labor, ticket fees, etc.), and the security deposit. A check or invoice will be issued depending on the net balance of all outstanding items. The Managing Director is responsible for the final settlement.


What MATCH Does (and Doesn't) Provide

MATCH always provides at no additional cost:

  • Lighting, sound, and projection equipment assigned to each room
  • Two dressing rooms for each theater, each of which can house 6 to 10 performers. For casts larger than that, you should have a discussion with the MATCH Production Manager about your options.
  • Two folding tables for each theater space
  • Basic Front-of-House support including a House Manager
  • Head-set communication from booth to backstage and radios to communicate with Front of House
  • Standard (End Stage) audience risers in Matchbox 1 & 3, or alternate/custom configuration for weekly rentals
  • Chairs and risers to seat the audience
  • Cleaning for the audience areas, lobbies, and backstage
  • A security guard from 12 pm to 2 am daily

MATCH may provide at no additional cost (if available and reserved in advance):

  • Projection Screen(s)
  • Additional lighting, sound, and projection equipment from shared inventory
  • Grand piano, baby grand piano, upright piano, or electric stage piano (renter must tune acoustic pianos)
  • Orchestra shell
  • Limited orchestra chairs and music stands with lights

MATCH can provide for a fee:

  • Board operators, stage crew, and other technical labor
  • Ticketing and Box Office services
  • Piano tuning services
  • Alternate/custom audience riser configuration in Matchbox 1 & 3 for short term rentals.
  • Temporary Umbrella Liability Insurance Policy (TULIP insurance) if you do not carry sufficient insurance yourself
  • Additional security guard(s)

MATCH does not provide:

  • Production Management or Technical Direction services
  • Lighting, sound, video, or scenery design services
  • Tables, chairs, or linens for receptions or social events

The MATCH Production Manager will coordinate details with your production personnel for your rental term but the MATCH Production Manager is not your Production Manager or Technical Director. Those responsibilities rest with the Renter.


Avoiding Problems

MATCH venues are highly adaptable to meet a wide variety of needs. However, this means that time and planning are required to configure them for your specific event.

Allow sufficient time for preparation. Our rental rates are much less expensive for load-in, tech, and rehearsal than they are for public performances, and there are significant discounts for full day and full week rentals. We often see groups struggle to be ready in time for their scheduled performance and strongly encourage all renters to book ample time in the space.

Have a clear plan before you arrive. MATCH technicians will gladly assist realizing your vision, but they cannot design your show or make decisions about how your event should go. Knowing and communicating in advance what work needs to be done will help ensure the crew can complete it in a timely manner.

Consider hiring a production manager. Or, barring that, designate a technical leader who is not also trying to coordinate artistic, marketing, or front-of-house matters. Having a clear point of contact who is familiar with all the details of your event and is both able and available to direct MATCH technicians will go a long way to making your event run smoothly and on time.


We hope this helps you understand how we go about our business and what MATCH does and doesn’t offer. We look forward to working with you to achieve your artistic goals.

Additional Rental Information