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Leap and the Net Will Appear

Catastrophic Theatre - Leap and the Net Will Appear

Margie was raised to be a good girl, but Margie has a secret: she wants to be a lion. LEAP AND THE NET WILL APPEAR traces one woman’s highly theatrical, time-hopping search for adventure, for love, and for her true self. Packed with wildly eccentric family members and unpredictable lovers, Margie’s journey is at turns uproariously funny and probingly melancholic. Two time Obie Award-winning playwright and director Craig Lucas says of LEAP AND THE NET WILL APPEAR: “No one else is doing what Chana Porter is doing—unhinging logic and time from their outward solidity, revealing enduring landscapes within the scenes resembling life but doing it one better each time.”Read more

The Exonerated

Dirt Dogs Theater - The Exonerated Color


The true stories of six wrongfully convicted death row inmates are told in their own words. Harrowing tales of false accusations are balanced with inspiring stories of hope through first person accounts interwoven with scenes played out in prisons and court rooms. These journeys to redemption remind us that freedom is not free.Read more

The Little Edelweiss;or, An Immigrant's Fairytale

Splintered in Three - The Little Edelweiss

Draft Dodger. Movie star romancer. Hilton bartender. 

The Little Edelweiss; or, An Immigrant's Fairytale chronicles Manfred, playwright Josh Inocéncio's bisexual Great-Uncle, from his upbringing in war-torn Austria to his mercurical life in the United States, and the imprint he left on the gay nephew he never met. True to the fairy tale form, this Eugene O'Neil semi-finalist captures both men in their pursuits of unapologetic pleasure, punctuated by a pantheon of ancestors as Fairies, immigration officials as Trolls, and FBI agents as Giants. 

The play, which takes place inside a cuckoo clock over the course of thirteen strikes, confronts what we choose to remember and how secret memories no one ever shared with us continue to survive in our bodies. Read more

Small Ball

Catastrophic Theatre - Small Ball

SMALL BALL is a new musical commissioned by Houston Rockets' General Manager, Daryl Morey. SMALL BALL tells the story of a melancholy journeyman basketball player who has recently become the star player for the Lilliput Existers—yes, Lilliput, the same one from Gulliver’s Travels—so his teammates are each six inches tall. It’s tough to pass a regulation size ball to a six-inch player, so the team hasn’t been doing too well, and the post-loss press conferences are getting rough. This surreal, magical musical features a book and lyrics by Catastrophic Theatre favorite Mickle Maher and original music by Merel Van Dijk and Anthony Barilla.Read more


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