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Lott Entertainment Presents


Lott Entertainment Presents' mission is to fill the void in the Houston performing arts scene by bringing shows from outside our city that push the boundaries of traditional theatre. With provocative, immersive and deliberately different works, we will provide Houstonians with a wide range of new experiences.


Allison Lott, Executive Director

Allison Lott saw her first Broadway touring show in 5th grade. It was a little show called The Phantom of the Opera. Singing lessons began shortly thereafter. She attended UT Austin and graduated in 2002 with her degree in Vocal Music, but it was her Minor in Business that proved the stepping stone for her passion in arts marketing. Over the past 13+ years Allison has worked in every venue in the Houston Theater District and in nearly every discipline of the performing arts. She started as an intern at the Alley Theatre, and from there secured her first job with Broadway Across America where she rose in the ranks to Director of Marketing. Seven years and four markets later, she transitioned to Director of Marketing, Subscriptions at the Houston Symphony where she worked extensively in patron retention, marketing, group sales and ticketing, and eventually found herself at the largest presenting organization in the Southwest, Society for the Performing Arts. It was her combined knowledge of these disciplines and a very coincidental name similarity that led her to team up with colleague, friend, and theatre maniac, Kathryn Lott to start Lott Entertainment Presents. The organization’s goal is to “fill a void in the Houston Arts scene,” and as Executive Director and as a Millennial (barely), Allison is committed to engaging the next generation of arts-goers, and creating a performing arts organization that brings provocative, new works to Houston. Allison has worked on hundreds of shows, collaborated with some of the most respected individuals in the live performance industry, and fostered long-lasting relationships in the Houston community. 

Kathryn Lott, Artistic Director

Kathryn Lott has been in theatre since the age of four. She attended the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts and finished her BFA at Texas State University. She has successfully acted, produced, and directed some of the most challenging theatrical pieces. But knowing that she wanted to ultimately have her own company, she spent 15 years soaking up knowledge through her position as Director of Audience Development at Houston Grand Opera and her subsequent senior level position as the Director of Operations at Society for the Performing Arts. It was at Society for the Performing Arts that she worked hand-in-hand with the CEO to put together SPA’s seasons, finalize artist contracts and act as the artistic liaison for the company. Having had the privilege to travel for the sole purpose of discovering artists and viewing works, Kathryn recognized that there was a missing element in the performing arts in Houston. As the Artistic Director of Lott Entertainment Presents, she aims to bring art that has either never been presented in Houston or has been grossly under represented. Along with business partner, Allison Lott, she wants to fill a void in her favorite city and enrich the lives of those that crave an original dramatic flare. Unapologetically taking risks, she will bring new, dynamic, provocative flavors to the performing arts in Houston.

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