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Entry to MATCH Box 3
Gallery awaiting its first exhibition
A new address for the arts
Houston sun shining on the MATCH
Holman Street Side façade looking up at the office windows

Houston has a new address for the arts.

A gallery in a garage, Shakespeare in a storefront, dance on a postage stamp stage – art takes root wherever it can and flourishes despite the obstacles that hold it back. That’s the way of the world. But in Houston, this great city of the arts, we think we can do better than that. And so we have.

Better is the MATCH.

If you could see a play where Puck was so close you could see him breathe; if you could see dance where you heard the footfalls and saw their sweat, if you could hear music played on strings you could see; If you knew of a place where every weekend was filled with multiple affordable options, a place you fit in, a place unfettered by tradition and pretention; if you knew of such a place, would you go?

Twelve years ago, four small arts organizations dreamed of a place where they could collaborate and coexist. Now this dream has grown to include as many small arts organizations as the calendar can contain. This dream is the Midtown Arts & Theater Center Houston or the MATCH, and it will present the arts in a way you’ve never experienced before.

Set in Midtown on Main and the light rail, MATCH or the Midtown Arts & Theater Center was created to provide a home for a broad spectrum of Houston’s arts. With 4 performance spaces, 3 rehearsal studios, 3000 square feet of gallery space, and offices for up to 60 arts professionals, it promises to be a creative collaboration unlike anything Houston has even seen.

Come see for yourself.