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A Tu Aire

Aire Flamenco Houston presents “A Tu Aire," a trip through Andalucia and the influence of the North of Spain and Cuba on flamenco.  The gipsy spirit is filled with duende (inspiration) and living in the moment. “A Tu Aire” means “at your pace, at your style”.  When you travel through Andalucia that is what you feel, people living “A Su Aire”.  We hope we portray this feeling throughout the theatre experience with special guests including Luis Alfonso DuLuc (poetry), Ainhoa Donat (baile/dance and poetry), Benhamin Santillan (baile/dance), Noemi Flores (baile/dance), Michael Whitmire (baile/dance), Darnell Allen (baile/dance), and Kelvin Gutierrez on the trumpet. Backstage production by Joseph Longoria.

Aire Flamenco Houston is a local flamenco assembly including Lorena Gomez al baile/dance, Marisol Monasterio al cante/singing and baile/dance, Joseph “Jose” Maurer al toque/guitar and Ashdin Medhora al cajon/percussion.

Please join us in our journey through Andalucia, its dances, songs, history and beats!!Read more


Contemplation. Reflection. Bold Action. Dream. Determination. Imagination.

People have the freedom of choice with their emotions. As you sit and ponder through Rumination: Seven Stages of Grief we would like for you to consider how grief is not just a feeling of sadness but it is a whirlwind of emotions. It seeks contemplation, on what the world is offering us emotionally. Reflection of how we view ourselves and the world. Bold Action in what we choose to do with those emotions. Dream to be better or do what it is that no one else has done. Determination to fight or seek the truth in your power. Imagination to skyrockets to a place that no one has ever thought of to uplift spirits. Come and experience these basic human emotions through a performance that will guide you through the seven stages of grief and its interaction with humankind. It may not look the same from human to human but we hope you can follow the journey that everyone at some point in their life has to navigate through.Read more


Open Dance Project


a dance theater romp for family audiences

Wonka!, Open Dance Project’s tribute to Roald Dahl’s classic coming of age story, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This dance theater romp for family audiences follows kind-hearted Charlie Bucket on his search for a golden ticket that grants him access to the famed Wonka Chocolate Factory. Once inside, Charlie and his Grandpa Joe join a rather unpleasant bunch of children and their parents on a series of misadventures. ODP celebrates the wit and imagination of Roald Dahl through their signature blend of athleticism and humor with a multigenerational cast of professional dancers and aerialists.Read more

you could release me

ISHIDA Dance Company is a new world-class contemporary dance company for Texas featuring venerated dancers from many of the top companies in the world (Houston Ballet, The Royal Ballet, Staatsballett Berlin, Ballet BC, GotebergOperans Danskompani, New York City Ballet, and Netherlands Dance Theater). ISHIDA blends contemporary dance with theatrical elements while retaining the physicality and beauty of the human form from traditional ballet. ISHIDA presents unique narratives relevant to a modern audience that explore archetypal themes and invite existential questions: Where do we come from? Who are we? Where are we going? Such works enable audiences to gather meaning and emotional connection. ISHIDA’s poetic narratives prompt introspection to lead to greater kindness towards oneself and otherness.Read more