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Day of the Dead Celebration

Intempo Dance Ensemble

Day of the Dead Celebration

Intempo Dance Ensemble and TX Symphonic Ballet Present the Mexican Traditional Event

INTEMPO DANCE ENSEMBLE presents an evening of dance and music inspired in the magical world of the day of the dead celebration. Colorful Catrinas and Funny Sugar Skulls dance, surrounded by live music atmosphere and guided by imaginary beings - Alebrijes - as they journey to their new home.  

The Day of the Dead is a Mexican celebration of pre-Hispanic origin that honors the deceased on November 2. The festivities begin on November 1 and coincides with the Catholic celebrations of All Souls and All Saints. In Mexico, it is a celebration of life remembering loved ones who came before us, but with joy and devotion, dedicating an altar to welcome them back for their visit to the world of the living, once a year. The characters are La Catrina, El Catrin and the Alebrijes - imaginary beings made up of physiognomic elements of different animals, not only fantastic but also real that form a mesmerizing being full of magic and color that accompany souls in their voyage to their new home.  Read more

Noche de Flamenco - Flamenco por Derecho

Aire Flamenco Houston

Noche de Flamenco - Flamenco por Derecho

a journey through flamenco's past in honor of the former flamenco artists that influenced flamenco in the past, the present and forever

Aire Flamenco Houston presents a wonderful night of flamenco - Flamenco por Derecho. Join us as we explore Flamenco's past and present honoring some of its greatest artists. Read more

The Iris

The Iris is a collection of contemporary dance works by Lenorris Arnold that reflects a personal journey of mental health. Each of these works mirror the life stages of an iris flower. From an Iris's birth to flourish, Lenorris Arnold uses movement and projection to depict that even through different life struggles that peace can be found. The Iris also features guest performances by Jade Whitmire, Noble Motion 2, and The PAC Dance Company.Read more


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