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Open Dance Project - Alice

Open Dance Project


Inspired by Lewis Carroll's Beloved Classics

Open Dance Project's newest family audiences production follows Alice down the rabbit hole to Wonderland where strange and silly creatures teach her about the power of the imagination and the wisdom of nonsense. The performance features aerial silks, acrobatics, and clever choreography that is sure to delight children and grown-ups alike!Read more

Falling Coconuts

Suchu Dance and Pilot Dance Project - Falling Coconuts

Suchu Dance and The Pilot Dance Project

Falling Coconuts

A new evening-length dance work by the artistic director of Suchu Dance

In 2018, Suchu Dance Artistic Director Jennifer Wood disembarked to India and put her life on hold for a while. Six months later, she is back home for a brief stay. Her last show, Mkay (Everything’s going to be all right, or whatever), posed the challenge: Lets see if you can survive without everything that you once held dear and necessary for your existence. Throw out the rulebook for your whole life. What could go wrong?Read more

Ready or Not, NMD2

NobleMotion Dance - Ready or Not NMD2

NobleMotion Dance’s pre-professional dance company presents original works by Bridget Moore, Jennifer Mabus, Rasika Borse, the Nobles, and NMD2 Directors Colette Kerwick and Seth McPhail. Dance technology is also featured in a new film by David and Brittany Deveau. Athletic, generous, and communal - Ready or Not highlights the talents of ten up-and-coming dance artists.Read more

Things Left Behind

Pilot Dance Project - Things Left Behind

Pilot Dance Project

Things Left Behind

An evening of original dance and literary readings

Things Left Behind is a collaboration between choreographer Adam  Castan͂eda and Writespace, a grassroots literary arts organization that supports writers of all genres.Things Left Behind is an exploration of the intersection between narratives and the dance-making process.

The program will feature new choreography by Adam  Castan͂eda as well as readings from both professional and student writers in the Houston area. The program is the final event of Writefest 2019. Read more

Barnstorm Dance Fest 2019

Dance Source Houston - Barnstorm 2019

Dance Source Houston presents the fifth annual Barnstorm Dance Fest June 19-23, 2019 featuring 3 unique programs of 20 original dance works. The weeklong festival showcases the diversity, quality, and vibrancy of dance in Houston and provides audiences a sampling of dance genres.

Barnstorm highlights Houston based choreographers and companies, and also includes a number of out of town artists. This year's festival was curated by panelists Elijah Alhadji Gibson, Sue Schroeder and Janie Yao.Read more


John Beasant - Gentle Men

John Beasant and Dancers


An intimate evening of contemporary dance, film, and prose

"Gentle/Men" marks the choreographic Houston debut of independent dance-maker, John Beasant III. The production is an evening-length concert of a series of contemporary dance suites, dance-film, and prose, featuring nine Houston-based professional male dance artists.

The show celebrates men in dance, aims to advocate for acceptance of the American male dancer, and brings awareness of the art form from a male perspective. Mr. Beasant invites audiences to witness his unique presentation of an abstract narrative of physicality that highlights humanness through both virtuosity and femininity.Read more