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Suchu Dance

Suchu Dance - Nothing Group Suchu Dance - Nothing Group
Suchu Dance - Thursday Suchu Dance - Thursday
Suchu Dance Suchu Dance
Suchu Dance - Nothing Group
Suchu Dance - Thursday
Suchu Dance

Suchu, Inc.'s mission is to promote the general publics appreciation and awareness of contemporary performing arts by: (i) giving public performances of dance and other performing arts; (ii) sponsoring special events involving such performances; (iii) providing instruction in modern dance; and (iv) directly engaging in, and sharing resources towards, the promotion of the arts.   We fulfill our mission through our dance company, Suchu Dance, and it's use of new spaces in presenting cross-disciplinary, non-proscenium, experiential, immersive performances/exhibitions that confound the conventions and expectations of performance., increasing the diversity of artistic possibilities in Houston, making Houston a far more exciting, artistic place to be.   We also fulfill our mission through our Youth Artist Opportunities Initiative--the first of it's kind in Houston to offer alternative dance training to children, providing them with positive and healthy forms of creative expression and movement.


Suchu Dance, a postmodern dance/theater performing group, has been producing strange, artsy, combustible, humorous work since 1998. Rooted in Houston’s arts scene, Suchu Dance founded three distinct performing venues in the city: the Duplex Center for the Arts in Montrose (1993-1999), Barnevelder Movement Arts Center in Downtown, (2001-2013) and its new home, Suchu Dance, opened February 2014 in Garden Oaks.   Suchu Dance experiments frequently in cross-disciplinary, non-proscenium, experiential, immersive performances/exhibitions, all with the goal of confounding the conventions and expectations of performance. Suchu Dance also offers movement and production classes.Suchu Inc, a 501(c)3 tax exempt nonprofit organization and the parent company to Suchu Dance.   Suchu Dance consists of Suchu Dance (the interdisciplinary art space), Suchu Dance (the postmodern dance/theater performing group) and Suchu2, a Suchu Dance Youth Company (ages 11-18).

Past Events at MATCH

Suchu Dance Premieres Begin Wide December 2015