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Eddy Marcano & Quartet Onda Nueva

Intempo Dance Ensemble is honored to present the Eddy Marcano and Quartet Onda Nueva in concert honoring Director Eduardo Mata's love for the Latin American music.

Concert in loving memory of our TX Symphonic Ballet member - Lillian McLean.

A quartet of world known musicians performing delightful Latin American music under Mr. Eddy Marcano's direction. Mr. Romero's drums along with Mr. Morao's soothing piano, Mr. Puentes rhythmic bass and Mr. Marcano's warmth violin. All serving as a musical-notes frame for a very selected list of guest artists paying a tribute to Mr. Mata with singing and playing music from different Latin American Cultures which Director Mata had a special love bond with. Meanwhile, TX Symphonic Ballet will be decorating the ambience with dance pieces that bring reminiscense of Director Mata's conducting for full staged dancing programs.

A very special outstanding music night spent with Director Mata's friends, students and admirers of his magnificent work and legacy.  Read more

Houston Latin Chamber Orchestra

Intempo Dance Ensemble

Houston Latin Chamber Orchestra

In tribute to Director Eduardo Mata

In tribute to Director Eduardo Mata, Intempo Dance Ensemble presents the Houston Latin Chamber Orchestra. 

A very selected talented group of musicians get together to found the Houston Latin Chamber Orchestra. These outstanding international performers have chosen the Director Mata Tribute Week to present their Orchestra PREMIER in the city of Houston by playing the Mr. Mata's loved pieces from Latin American magnificent music repertoire Maestro Mata once conducted around the world. A night to love and remember.

Maestro Servio Bernal, Guest Director


Manuel Rojas, Flute

Eddy Marcano, ViolinRead more

The Wilderness Anthology

Houston’s artist-led, artist-curated Kinetic Ensemble opens its 2022-2023 season with three unique perspectives on our natural world by three exciting, emerging composers. Patrick Harlin’s The Wilderness Anthology combines Kinetic’s live performance with pre-recorded audio soundscapes, captured in parts of the Amazon Rainforest and in the Book Cliffs region of the United States. This piece focuses our attention both on the relationship between wilderness and music, and on the impacts of human disruption on our world’s ecosystems. Nicky Sohn’s What Happens When Pipes Burst? recalls the big Winter Freeze of 2021 and its impact on the lives and communities of those in Houston. And Paul Novak’s a string quartet is like a flock of birds, first performed virtually by Kinetic during 2020, will finally receive its first premiere live performance this evening. This season opener will be a fully immersive sound experience; a musical meditation on our natural world, which ever surrounds and inspires us.Read more

New Voices


New Voices

World premiers by emerging composers from across the country, including new works by Flannery Cunningham, Will Healy and Benjamin Horne, with poetry by J. Estanislao Lopez commissioned by Musiqa.

This October, Musiqa launches its 21st season with NEW VOICES, a program of new works by emerging composers from around the country, all commissioned by Musiqa. Together Flannery Cunningham, Will Healy and Benjamin Horne represent important voices in the future of concert music, and Houston audiences will be the first to hear this slate of world premieres. In addition, Musiqa has commissioned Houston poet J. Estanislao Lopez to write and read new poetry based on the themes in these composers’ works for the occasion. NEW VOICES performers include Tyler Martin (flute), Maiko Sasaki (clarinet), Jacob Schafer (violin), Tonya Burton (viola), Chelsea de Souza (cello), David Dietz (piano) and Blake Wilkins (vibraphone).Read more

Severall Friends in The Shadow of Night

Houston Early Music

Severall Friends in The Shadow of Night

Musical Magic and Mysticism for All Hallow's Eve

At the turn of the 17th Century, English people of every station were known to have practiced the occult arts, from alchemy and the Cabala to homespun spells and witchcraft. Join Severall Friends as they enchant with excerpts from contemporary diaries, diatribes, drama, poetry, and music, touching on magic of all sorts.Read more

Venezuelan Songbook

Seven traditional Venezuelan songs, all translated into English as an homage to the warmth welcoming of Venezuelans immigrant into the United States. Traditional south American country 's rhythms sung in English language. Music by worldwide renown Musician and Directors. A night to remember!

Emerging Venezuelan artist Juan Carlos Ruiz will release in Houston the first volume of his third album titled Venezuelan Songbook, presented by Doray Castillo and Anny Paez, to connect and unify Venezuelan and American cultures. The first volume of the Venezuelan Songbook contains seven traditional Venezuelan songs, all translated into English as an homage to the warnth  welcoming of Venezuelans immigrant into the United States. Also, this concert will show outstanding contributions from other celebrities of Venezuelan and world music like Eddy Marcano, Leo Blanco, Gonzalo Teppa, and Juan Pablo Romero.Read more

A Tribute to Mikis Theodorakis


A Tribute to Mikis Theodorakis


The world-renowned composer of Zorbas the Greek, Mikis Theodorakis, is considered to have been the greatest Greek composer of the twentieth century, a symbol of Greece, and a hero in Greece’s political struggles. His music has travelled the world like that of no other Greek composer before him. His endless numbers of songs were sung by the Beatles, Shirley Bassey, Nat King Cole, Edith Piaf, and many more. The internationally renowned Greek contralto Alexandra Gravas has had the honor to work with the great composer on various occasions from the start of her career on stage and on recordings including the Symphonic song Raven with the composer himself conducting the St. Petersburg State Academic Capella Symphony Orchestra. She has travelled the world singing his songs in her recitals to high acclaim.  “Each of Alexandra’s interpretations is a thorough penetration into the most hidden aspects of my work.” -Mikis Theodorakis 

Following a brief introduction to the legacy of Mikis Theodorakis by Dr. Alex Kalamarides, Alexandra will interpret with her unique voice an assortment of songs representative and evocative of the great composer and his times, accompanied on the piano by Mexico City resident pianist, Mr. Jozef

The event is sponsored and presented by the Hellenic Cultural Center of the Southwest (HCC-SW) and the Hellenic Professional Society of Texas (HPST). Read more

Mass in Blue

Houston Masterworks Chorus

Mass in Blue

a Houston premiere featuring Tianna Hall and Houston Jazz Band

Houston Masterworks Chorus presents Mass in Blue and Footprints Suite by Will Todd

Tianna Hall, soloist

The Houston Jazz Band:
Andrew Lienhard, piano
Michael Gorman, bass
Arthur Gilligan, percussion

Mass in Blue, a dynamic, curious, and enchanting fusion of jazz and sacred choral singing. Footprints Suite with Julie Sacks on piano is a jazz choral suite inspired by Mary Stevenson's poem, “Footprints in the Sand," describes a person walking on the beach with God. Often the two pairs of footprints dwindle to one; God is carrying us. The composer draws on universal elements exploring the vastness and timelessness of the universe.Read more

Noche de Flamenco - Flamenco por Derecho

Aire Flamenco Houston

Noche de Flamenco - Flamenco por Derecho

a journey through flamenco's past in honor of the former flamenco artists that influenced flamenco in the past, the present and forever

Aire Flamenco Houston presents a wonderful night of flamenco - Flamenco por Derecho. Join us as we explore Flamenco's past and present honoring some of its greatest artists. Read more