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A Tu Aire

Aire Flamenco Houston presents “A Tu Aire," a trip through Andalucia and the influence of the North of Spain and Cuba on flamenco.  The gipsy spirit is filled with duende (inspiration) and living in the moment. “A Tu Aire” means “at your pace, at your style”.  When you travel through Andalucia that is what you feel, people living “A Su Aire”.  We hope we portray this feeling throughout the theatre experience with special guests including Luis Alfonso DuLuc (poetry), Ainhoa Donat (baile/dance and poetry), Benhamin Santillan (baile/dance), Noemi Flores (baile/dance), Michael Whitmire (baile/dance), Darnell Allen (baile/dance), and Kelvin Gutierrez on the trumpet. Backstage production by Joseph Longoria.

Aire Flamenco Houston is a local flamenco assembly including Lorena Gomez al baile/dance, Marisol Monasterio al cante/singing and baile/dance, Joseph “Jose” Maurer al toque/guitar and Ashdin Medhora al cajon/percussion.

Please join us in our journey through Andalucia, its dances, songs, history and beats!!Read more

Flautist Charurasia in Light Classical Mood

The Society for Indoamerican Arts brings you the video-on-demand access to a magical musical journey!

Internationally renowed fautists Rakesh Chaurasia, accompanied by Ojas Adhiya on tabla and Ganesh Sawant on pakhawaj, takes you on a journey of light classical melodies of India.Read more

Jazz on Valentine's Concert 2022

Raquel Cepeda Music

Jazz on Valentine's Concert 2022


There's no better place to take your date on Monday, February 14, 2021 than the MATCH, where jazz singer and songwriter Raquel Cepeda will host her sixth consecutive “Jazz on Valentine’s” concert. This annual Houston tradition plays to a consistently packed house, and has become an alluring trademark of Cepeda's ever-expanding artistry. Read more

Cabaret of Shadows

Musiqa & Stages

Cabaret of Shadows

the world premiere of a new chamber opera by Laura Schwendinger, with a libretto by Ginger Strand. Directed by Ken McLaughlin

I wanted to create a new form of art, an art completely irrelevant to the usual theories…” - Loië Fuller, 1914  

Turn-of-the-century Paris was a hotbed of artistic innovation, and cabarets were the furnaces where this innovation was forged. It was here that poets, musicians, painters and bohemians of all sorts rubbed shoulders and laid the groundwork for the expressionist, abstract and modernist movements that continue to shape our culture today. And it was here that an American-born dancer, choreographer and light designer dazzled audiences, inspired artists from Toulouse-Lautrec to Yeats, and redefined modern dance, only to be largely forgotten in the decades that followed. This spring, Musiqa and Stages proudly shine an overdue spotlight on pioneering artist Loie Fuller with the world premiere of a new chamber opera by renowned composer Laura Schwendinger. Read more


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