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The Road Home

International Voices Houston

The Road Home

Mark Vogel, Artistic Director

Houston's premiere multicultural ensemble performs a special program exploring the winding path that leads home. Featuring music from all over the world, including Everyday Wonders a new work by British composer Cecilia McDowall, following the journey of a Syrian refugee. Other selections include vibrant music from Kenya, Ukraine, Finland, South Africa, the Philippines, Ireland, and more.Read more


Indo-American Association


A fusion of South-American and Indian folk music

Andean-Indian…Melodies of Folklore from South America and India. A unique fusion of authentic folk music from both continents.

Andean-Indian will feature renowned Artists from South America - Victor Murillo from Equador, Louis Quintano from Venezuela, Edwardo Cassipia from Bolivia, AND from India - Pt. Indrajit Bannerjee and Gourisankar Karmakar.Read more