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Peruvian Association of Houston

  • Achieve the positive growth of the Peruvian community.
  • Keep its members linked to the national events of Peru.
  • Project the cultural values ​​of the Peruvian people to the Houston community.
  • Generate funds through activities and donations, whose funds will be distributed according to statutes translated into school scholarships, organization of cultural events, patriotic, contributions to charitable institutions or to more vulnerable areas in Peru.
  • Promote union and cooperation among all Peruvians residing in the city of Houston and other cities in the metropolitan area.
  • Foster links of solidarity and cooperation between Texas and Peru.
  • Promote educational, cultural and humanitarian programs that are within the scope of the Association.
  • Coordinate cooperation activities with other international organizations.

Since 1976, we have been the central hub that brings together the vibrant Peruvian community in Houston. Our goal is to strengthen cultural, social, and professional ties among our Peruvian compatriots. We organize cultural events, support newcomers and encourage personal and professional growth. Join our family committed to the progress of our community and the strengthening of our cultural identity.

Past Events at MATCH