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People's Family Workshop for the Arts with Collaborative Arts Partners


People's Family Workshop for the Arts is a non-profit (501 C3) corporation that serves as a vehicle for fostering talent development and fine arts exposure around activities in which individuals and groups of the community-at-large bond, participate, enjoy and benefit.


Founders Vision Statement The People's Family Workshop/The Peoples' Workshop is more than a talent show. It’s a movement that is needed in today’s times. Divided we fall, but together we stand are words expressed in the project theme song, “Family.” Those words along with my zeal for creating learning opportunities, sponsorship support and industry exposure for striving artists fueled this vision. The organization reaches out to provide all creative artists an opportunity to present themselves to the world, regardless of their means. 

Howard C. Harris, Jr., A.Mus.D. President and Founder People's Family Workshop for the Arts/The Peoples' Workshop

For more information on how to participate, please contact PFW as follows:
Telephone: (281) 506-8192 (Message line) (281) 923-6057 (Text or call) / Email:

The following information contains excerpts from an article that appeared as an entertainment feature story in the August 29, 2014 issue of Empower Magazine as written by Diane Tezeno. The narrative represents information submitted in writing and in an interview of People’s Family Workshop founder, Dr. Howard C. Harris, Jr.

THE MOLA AWARD: Scope & Purpose

The Mirror of Life Award (MOLA) is the culminating event of an arts education program that is presented each summer by People’s Family Workshop (PFW). The program provides an artist development curriculum of learning activities, creative projects, and professionally coached presentations. Participants, after auditioning, are given the opportunity to engage in Masterclasses, performances, and a finals performance for determining the nominees and winners of the MOLA.

Participants are encouraged to set new standards for themselves–artistically, intellectually, financially, morally and socially. “No longer can we wait to counteract the adverse effects of blatant vulgarity exemplified in much of the commercial arts entertainment media today. Howard Harris believes that works of literary, visual and performing arts can take us beyond the images and thoughts of illicit sex, drug abuse, obscene language, violent acts and human inhumanity. An important side of arts utility is to stimulate our minds and nourish our lives aesthetically.

A composer, author, full professor and Director Emeritus of Jazz Studies at Texas Southern University, and the only Houston composer of color to have had works performed by the Houston Symphony and other orchestras in the U.S., Harris views arts engagement as essential to educational curricula for providing holistic human development. “This notion is espoused in PFW’s program because man’s condition is mirrored through the arts. Learning is deepened through it. Because the human spirit is central to it, man can confront reality more fully, through the arts,” says Harris.

What do Kirk Whalum, Beyonce, and Yolanda Adams have in common? Besides being top music and entertainment industry artists who have reached the pinnacle of success in their respective fields, each walked through the doors of People’s Family Workshop for the Arts'/The Peoples’ Workshop in their formative years.

The People's Workshop - Dr. Howard C. Harris Jr.

Dr. Howard C. Harris, Jr.

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