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Soniquete Iberoamericanx


Soniquete Iberoamericanx showcases interdisciplinary theatrical works by Latinx and Iberian artists with an emphasis on classical music and dance.


Soniquete Iberoamericanx is working to expand the traditional roles that classical singers have occupied in culture while simultaneously increasing the visibility of Latinx and Iberian artists in this country. The opera world often operates within established structures that do not always allow for intersectional diversity of repertoire, showcasing the varied skill-sets of artists, or the increasing interest amongst modern audiences in seeing traditional art forms evolve. Soniquete Iberoamericanx is creating new performance opportunities that involve collaborations between music, dance, and the visual arts with an emphasis on Iberian and Latinx repertoire. 

"Soniquete is the swing, the groove of the music, it’s what makes the hair on the back of your neck and arms stand on end, it’s the energy inside of the sound that causes you to get up from your chair and dance, it’s what makes you want to cry for no reason, it’s a group of individuals sharing their talent without ego to make one unified seamless sound, it’s nami, la ola, a wave, it’s what makes a flamenco say ‘Ole’." 

- Estefanía 'La Ishi'

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