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Operativo Houston strives to provide local artists with performance experience and additional income, and local audiences with quality chamber performances where they can also make meaningful connections with their local artists


Critics of the classical music community, and of opera in particular, say that opera is a "dying art form" and suffers from "lack of interest," both from modern audiences and would-be artists themselves. A quick Facebook survey to determine interest in a Houston-based operatic summer program yielded 15 inquiries in the first 5 minutes. The average young artist program receives over 1,000 applications for 20-30 spots. Operativo strives to provide more work for the Houston-based classical artist. For this first season, summer chamber opera performances are our main goal, but we are looking ahead to subsequent seasons filled with year-round concerts and chamber operas.

Operativo Houston is a new kind of classical music organization made for singers by singers. Operativo is focused on finding local artists consistent work. Our goal is to achieve a sustainable company with the capability to stage 1-2 chamber operas per year, and several concerts which will include repertoire such as trio sonatas, cantatas, passions, oratorios, concert arias, and art songs.

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