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Operativo Houston strives to provide local artists with performance experience and additional income, and local audiences with quality chamber performances where they can also make meaningful connections with their local artists


Operativo Houston creates small-scale productions with top tier talent, aimed at getting singers the experience they need for their resumes in order to be contenders out in the extremely competitive world of stage performance. Founded in 2016 by Brian Yeakley, Operativo opens its 4th season of opera and musicals with She Loves Me.

Operativo's Mentoring Program began in August of 2018 at MATCH presenting the production of Into the Woods. Singers of a variety of ages from elementary school children all the way through full professionals with two degrees performed together in two casts. The outcome was so wonderful with audience attendance, reception, and support, Operativo has decided to continue with this program to help provide performance opportunities for all ages!

While our summer programming is highly popular, we still would love to see you at our during the year operatic programming! Follow us around the city on our website!

Past Events at MATCH