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L'Italiana in Algeri

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Friday, Aug. 18 7:30 PM
Saturday, Aug. 19 7:30 PM


L'Italiana in Algeri

music by Gioachino Rossini, libretto by Angelo Anelli.

In this fresh new minimalist take on L'Italiana in Algeri, the traditional "Turkish Bey" that is Mustafà has been adapted to be an insanely wealthy man who has clearly gone mad. His wife Elvira and her best friend Zulma attempt to make Mustafà remember that he is happily married, and this crazy illusion of a "submissive harem, desire for an Italian wife, army of pirates, and millions of eunech slaves" are nothing but a "male chorus" consisting of two of his best friends, and some other family friends playing along with his charade, but have fallen in too deep. See the wacky Rossinian Finales full of hijinx and lots of beautiful singing in a chamber theater environment that is more conducive to relaxation and enjoyment!
Production Designed by: Brian Yeakley
Directed by: Danielle Wojcik
Conducted by: Ryan Rogers