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Jazz Houston


Jazz Houston will promote the cultivation of jazz music globally through Performance and Education, and honor the Houstonians and Texans who have and continue to be major contributors to jazz through the celebration of their legacies and the performance of their works.


What is the vision for this organization?  Jazz Houston's vision is to create and preserve a swinging, world-class resident Jazz Orchestra comprised of the finest musicians and programming that demonstrates the richness and variety of jazz from all of its eras, and is dedicated to growing the greater Houston jazz audiences.

Jazz Houston seeks to build and manage a vibrant organization that explores the wide array of styles within jazz and celebrates the history of jazz, while preserving and promoting the music for the greater Houston community. 

Jazz Houston will program jazz concerts and educational programs for the community annually. 


The foundation of our performance vision is the swinging, 15-piece full-time resident Jazz Houston orchestra, where world-class musicians perform music that shares the richness and variety found across all eras of jazz.  As only the second arts organization in the US to support such an orchestra, 0ur vibrant organization will explore the array of styles within jazz, while celebrating and preserving its rich history.  To showcase the diverse musical and cultural heritage of Houston, our organization will strive to collaborate with artists from other genres including gospel, pop, classical, and R&B.  We also aspire to create experiences that mesh jazz with other performing arts disciplines such as theater, opera, and ballet.


Education is a main focus for Jazz Houston. Our orchestra members will regularly lead community educational opportunities for children and adults including workshops, public school programs, and educational residencies. These engaging, lively educational experiences will foster for people of all ages personal relationships with the music while cultivating new audiences for the art form.

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