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Mary's Song

Exalted Arts - Marys Song 2020

Exalted Arts

Mary's Song

Written and directed by Cynthia Garcia, with music by J.E. Hernandez, featuring Curmira Bill

It has been said that music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.  Such is the premise of Mary’s Song, based on Luke 1:46-55 when Mary, mother of Jesus, refreshes herself and a relative with a song.  Mary’s Song recounts a time of divine visitations, social unrest, imminent fear, and unyielding hope.  A treat for the entire family, Mary’s Song is filled with light, music, and song.Read more

Jazz on Valentine's Concert

Raquel Cepeda Music - Jazz on Valentines

Raquel Cepeda Music

Jazz on Valentine's Concert

The Most Romantic Alternative One Could Enjoy on Valentine's Day

There's no better place to take your date on Sunday February 14, 2021 than the MATCH, where jazz singer and songwriter Raquel Cepeda will host her sixth consecutive “Jazz on Valentine’s” concert. This annual Houston tradition plays to a consistently packed house, and has become an alluring trademark of Cepeda's ever-expanding artistry. Read more

Bésame Mucho

Guataca Nights Foundation - Besame Mucho

Guataca Nights Foundation

Bésame Mucho

Women's contribution to the history of the Bolero

Bésame Mucho is a bolero recital, which takes the audience to the emotive and passionate world of women. Venezuelan singer Inés María Bravo, under the direction of William Sigismondi, performs a beautiful repertoire, which honors and highlights the musical work of extraordinary Latin American females of the 20th Century.

It showcases the outstanding contribution of women in the development of the bolero as a benchmark for Latin American popular music. The melodic discourse explores the diversity of the bolero through the rhythmic variations made by Caribbean countries, Mexico, and Argentina.Read more