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Unchambered Series

ROCO’s Unchambered series starts with clarinetists Nathan Williams and Maiko Sasaki in a program ranging from Classical favorites to modern commissions.

The concert, entitled “Mendelssohn to Maroney: ROCO Clarinetists Come of Age” features works by Stravinsky, Michael Tenzer, Gary Schocker, Marcus Maroney, Bela Kovacs, Felix Mendelssohn, Theresa Martin, and Amilcare Ponchielli.Read more

Passion - Raquel Cepeda in Concert

Raquel Cepeda - Passion

Jazz singer and songwriter Raquel Cepeda releases her new discographic material with a Concert and a Release Party. The CD entitled "Passion", is a Latin Jazz project that includes 5 original compositions and songs from the Cuban, Brazilian, Venezuelan, and American repertoire with progressive arrangements that mix American Swing elements with Afro-Cuban and Afro-Brazilian rhythms and incorporates influences from Argentina and Venezuela. Read more

Call Me Ann

Houston Fringe Festival - Ann Richards - Hope

Call Me Ann is a rock opera about Texas Governor Ann Richards, and tells the story of her life and influence. The story spans from Ann Richards' Waco roots to her time as a housewife turned County Commissioner, through to her election as Governor in 1990 and past her 1994 re-election defeat that set the stage for George W. Bush's election as Governor and then President. Read more