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Crescendo Productions


It all began with a pandemic. Unlikely heroes emerged both physically and digitally. Zoom replaced in-person meetings, and QR codes made an unforseen comeback. But like so many tragic events of history-past, a renaissance of ideologies and practices soon followed what seemed like an eternal drudgery of cultural silence. With major museums and concert venues shuttered, house museums, historic sites, and open spaces gave birth to a new paradigm for a twenty first century “theater model” that provided new and limitless opportunities for experiential engagement.

It is upon this foundation — that all historic and cultural spaces are ideally and equitably suited to engage — that Crescendo Productions was built; forging alliances where they had previously not existed, creating opportunities where there were previously none, and finding inspiration for bold and inventive programming under the most seemingly impossible circumstances.

Taking inspiration from the words of the inimitable Hans Christian Anderson — “Where words fail, music speaks” — it is our mission and passion to activate our most treasured historic and cultural spaces with the glory of music, the transcendency of art, and the grace of the spoken word. Every site is unique, and deserves a similarly unique approach to its model for public engagement.

Past Events at MATCH