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Garage Arts Project


Garage Arts Project (GAP) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing an intimate and immersive platform for artists and audiences to foster creativity, and goodwill, increase appreciation of the arts, and strive for better cultural understanding.


Artistic vision

Garage Arts Project is a fledgling organization with a big dream. Our unique strategy, which is fueled by one of our fundamental goals is to promote cross-cultural collaborations across ethnicities, genres, art forms by providing an immersive, interactive and enriching experience for both the artist and attendees/audience. We define "collaboration" as a) the art that results when two or more artists of different disciplines perform together b) the juxtaposition and/or intertwining of two different genres c) crossing cultural boundaries and adopting ideas from other cultures d) the active participation of the audience in creating art. We aim to use collaborative art as a means to engage discussion, a sense of community and cross-cultural understanding, which are enriching contributions to the communities we live in. 

Our vision is to engage, collaborate and transform local communities through the power of creative expression. We believe that performing arts can provide a unique insight into our diverse and vibrant community and can bring different cultural ethnicities and backgrounds together. We believe in providing a safe space for engagement, exploration, and exchange of ideas. We value creativity, critical thinking, innovation, integration, collaboration, and partnerships.

We take pride in creating spaces for people to come together to enjoy the arts. Our programming strategy is specifically geared towards attracting a diverse range of audiences by introducing arts that are cross-collaborative in nature. Our programs are innovative and create curiosity amongst attendees to come and explore the idea of bringing artists of different genres/cultures to come together.

We firmly and strongly believe in providing a safe, equitable and profitable space for performing artists.

Upcoming events

2022 is our first year of curating in-person programming in the greater-Houston area, starting with the Strings Beyond Borders event. Following a successful launch in Plano in October 2021, we will be presenting our flagship event, BRIDGES - an outdoor collaboration festival in Houston in November 2022. The festival will feature Texas-based artists who will be presenting commissioned works that focus on creativity and collaborations between multi-cultural art forms. Do follow us on our social media platforms to connect with us stay updated on our upcoming events. 

Garage Arts Project strives to foster diversity in arts through integration, collaboration and partnerships and we are eager to engage with the diverse and culturally-rich arts community in Houston. Connect with us!

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