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Gina Williams


Gina Williams is a Multi-GenreAward-Winning Artist

On one hand, the soul/pop/gospel chanteuse is a classically trained composer with a Master’s degree as a concert pianist. On the other, she’s vibrant live performer whose stage shows may combine hip-hop, funk, electronica, and a full-fledged orchestra. On yet another hand, she’s a songwriter, producer, and actress who has worked alongside the likes of John Cusack, John Goodman and recently Alex Graves (producer of Games of Thrones & The West Wing). Her songs are used in film and television in as far away places as Russia.

The only thing Gina Williams is not is predictable. Williams has become a one-woman entertainment industry dynamo. She produces her own records, composes her own songs, choreographs her dancers and masterminds her stage show, and generally controls the fate of her entire music career.

Her music career continues to pleasantly surprise her at every turn.

The last thing Williams is, is an artist that puts her career in the hands of others. And her music career continues to pleasantly surprise her at every turn. In 1999, her composition “Glory” was commissioned as the anthem for the country of Grenada’s 25th Anniversary of Independence.

In 2012, her live show “The Dare'” has been praised for its uniqueness. The show itself is a study of contrasts, combining a complete string orchestra, hip-hop dancers, and a heavy dose of “this hasn’t been done before”. Yet the fusion seems so natural, you are left wondering why it hasn’t been done.
Williams continues to defy stereotypes and push herself in several directions at once. Yet when you meet her, it all seems so natural.

Live Performance

Unlike some composer types who don’t enjoy live performance, Williams embraces the stage, feeling most at home in front of large audiences. Her extensive touring has taken her to many countries/cities including Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Ukraine, Jamaica, Grenada, Atlanta, San Diego, and Los Angeles, as well as numerous high profile shows nationally and internationally.

Williams has written and/or performed in over 10 languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Punjabi, Latin, Italian, Turkish, and Mandarin (Chinese).

Modern Day Renaissance Woman

Perhaps that is the most apparent thing about Williams: everything she does seems effortless. Yet the more you find out about her, the more you start to understand the layers of complexity behind this truly distinct artist.

This modern day Renaissance woman is poised to take the music industry by storm. Where she will take things from there, one can only guess.

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