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Westheimer & Carya String Quartets


Westheimer String Quartet

Westheimer String Quartet brings new music and new vision to Houston’s classical music scene with an equal passion for the music of today’s composers and the greatest works from the past. We connect audiences to a long tradition of artistic interaction through engaging programming, community atmosphere, and unique concert experiences.

Carya String Quartet

Founded in the spring of 2018, the Carya String Quartet is a Houston-based ensemble dedicated to performing string quartet repertoire new and old from around the world. Drawn together by Houston’s international and inclusive arts culture, the members- Eugeniu Cheremoush, Laura Cividino, Sonya Matoussova, and Rainey Weber- hail from Moldova, Italy, Russia and Canada, and the United States, respectively. They bring their individual experiences as performers and teaching artists to create inclusive concerts and innovative educational programming. Outside of the Carya Quartet, Mr. Cheremoush, Ms. Cividino, Ms. Matoussova, and Ms. Weber can be seen performing with the Terra Nostra Ensemble, Da Camera, Mercury, Bach Society Houston, Austin Baroque, Texas New Music Ensemble, Music for the Forgotten Project, and the Houston New Arts Movement.

Past Events at MATCH

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