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Bukky Productions


To provide entertainment to the arts to heal, encourage and educate the masses.  To ensure that those who may not have the resources to enjoy the arts have the ability to participate.


Ms. Ibukunola (Bukky) Rojugbokan,  affectionately known as Bukky (pronounced Boo-key) by all, comes from a long line of African storytellers. She is a product of a Black American mother and a Nigerian father. Born in Wilmington, Delaware she spent her formative years in Lagos, Nigeria and then her family later relocated to Houston, Texas.

She has a Baccalaureate degree from Oral Roberts University and a master’s degree in Psychology from Houston Baptist University. With her acting, writing, directing abilities and comedic abilities, Ms. Rojugbokan started Bukky Productions and is working on a Web Series.

Ms. Bukky is known for her thought-provoking writing that will make laugh out loud and say "Amen."   She believes that through her craft she can affect the culture of American and the world for the Kingdom of God.  This artist believes that laughter brings healing and wholeness and her goal is to spread this medicine to those who can not afford it not through Obamacare but Bukky Cares.   Her goal is to bringing laughter to those who need a laugh and encouragement to those who need to be encouraged.  She believes entertainment should be available to those who can not afford it. As such she has started "Bukky Cares" a nonprofit to ensure a portion of her tickets is donated to non-profit organizations.

Past Events at MATCH

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