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Splice Records


The mission of Splice Records is to enrich the world through art, music and community with an emphasis on unity in diversity and the simplicity of life, nature, and silence from which springs all art and culture and express this in a Dionysian spirit of wild celebration.


What type of artists does Splice Records represent?

Splice Records is a trans-genre label. We represent many genres, accepting artists that have the “Houston sound”, meaning, many genres and styles mixed together in a raw and roots driven delivery. This could include electronic or innovative sounds as long as the production is earthy and the presentation is rooted in folk music. We like to call it music with a heart-beat and a pulse.

What are we looking for when we sign an artist?

We sign artists that have a concern and vision beyond music. Splice represents artists that seek to use their skills and resources to care for their fellow humans and the earth. We also expect the artists to have a raw edge that keeps their message from being simply prosaic or preachy but rooted with soul. We are looking for our family and our friends.

What are Splice Records specific objectives?

Splice Records foremost concern is to produce excellent music and merchandise. The second objective is to find our tribe, the people who would love what we produce and whose lives’ would be enriched by our work, and to get that work into their hands. The third objective is to leverage any success, financial or social, toward building greater community through incredible recordings.

What truly defines Splice Records and makes it different from other indie labels?

Splice Records emphasizes family and earth friendliness while having a kind and gentle spirit. Other labels may work for profit geared towards the building up of itself and a music centered lifestyle. Splice integrates being earth friendly and family oriented with our time and resources, but raw and punk rock in its recordings and performances. We put a lot into the recording process and we put everything into our live performances. We want it all on the line when we make the records that we feel “make the world go round, one album at a time”.

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