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Houston Voice Studio


Houston Voice Studio is a leading voice training program for young musicians, musical theatre singers, emerging artists, recording artists, and more. Houston Voice Studio's completely custom and personalized vocal training program helps their voice artists build a foundation, find their voice, level up their performance, sing their hearts out, and ultimately become the artist of their dreams.


Houston Voice Studio was founded by singer and evidence-based voice instructor Caitlin Duckworth in 2021. HVS aims to connect the Houston community with the cutting-edge voice training, personalized artist development, and unique performance opportunities Duckworth has had the privilege of experiencing across her career. Houston Voice Studio seeks to connect singers with the knowledge of how their instrument scientifically functions, the tools and techniques to use their instrument to connect with the music of their choice, and artistic guidance and mentorship to help them become the singer of their dreams. 

Houston Voice Studio is open to all who are inspired to sing. HVS currently serves incredibly talented young musicians, top musical theatre performers, artists beginning their career in performing arts, recording artists, singers returning to their love of music, and more. Conveniently located in Rice Village, Houston Voice Studio also serves as an intimate performing and recording space and has enjoyed hosting benefit concerts, dance performances, music video recordings, and acoustic concerts. HVS looks forward to connecting more with their Houston community in 2022 by providing a space for musicians of all ages and experiences to gather, perform, and grow as artists. 

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