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The YUVA Festival

Silambam Houston - The YUVA Festival

The Silambam Houston Dance Company

The YUVA Festival

Sadir: A Solo Journey - Bharatanatyam by Sudharma Vaithiyanathan, with a curtain raiser performance by Tejaswini Mohankumar

An evening of Bharatanatyam by two gifted young Indian classical dancers. The feature performance, 'Sadir: A Solo Journey', is a solo work by child prodigy and rising star Sudharma Vaithiyanathan, from India, on tour in the US this fall. Houston’s own talented Tejaswini Mohankumar performs in a short solo curtain raiser performance preceding the feature presentation.Read more

Messengers Divinos

Houston Fringe Festival - Messengers Divinos

Houston Fringe Festival

Messengers Divinos

A meditation on time, space, corporeality & consciousness

A Skin That Sings, A Porous Flesh, Entangled Senses...

How can we experience the Body as Landscape, and the Landscape as Body?? The Mycelium networks, entangled underground with thousands of tree roots, can teach us how...inviting human bodies to exchange possibilities with every cap and stem, with each textured surface and vibrating entity that emanate songs from the worlds of soil and stone.Read more

The Sky Was Wild With Sunshine

Pilot Dance Project - Sunshine 1

The Pilot Dance Project presents an all-new evening-length work by Houston choreography and designer Ashley Horn. The Sky Was Wild with Sunshine scans the current horizon of diminishing compassion and humanity, explores what we want the world to be, and looks toward the divergent futures of whether we will or won’t stop the current cycle of gray-skied ambivalence. The inhabitants of Horn’s latest creation look upward and beyond their immediate reality to fervently plant and nurture seeds of kindness, love, and joy.Read more

Never Again

6 Degrees - Never Again

6 Degrees

Never Again

Produced and choreographed by Toni Leago Valle

When Texas Legislation fights for a hanger to be the only option, diversity to be a dirty word, race to be a weapon, sexuality to be crime...what is the price for Texas?

The Texas Legislation is a Circus.  Resistance is the Finale.

The collision of Politics and Art gives rise to a dystopian circus arena. Politicians are clowns, the Resistance is Burlesque, and minorities are flying aerialists and vaudevillian acts.  Welcome to the world of Never Again under the Big Top.

 Read more

Female Voices in Motion

Uptown Dance Company II - Female Voices in Motion

Uptown Dance Company

Female Voices in Motion

Featuring premiere works by Beth Gulledge-Brown, Krissy Richmond and Jane Weiner

Uptown Dance Company's versatility is on full display with an evening of world premieres in contemporary ballet, jazz and modern. Featuring a trio of Houston-based female choreographers, each piece represents the female voice in dance in its own unique way. Read more