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Chamacos Dance Company - Viajes

Houston Fringe Festival


Chamacos Dance Company

Viajes is a Cuban contemporary dance performance utilizing multimedia and voice for an evening of collaboration. It is a series of short pieces about inner and geographical travels performed by chamacos from Cuba, Mexico, United States and Russia. The audience will witness Viajes that change our life perspective, let us break the boundaries of our mind and get closer to the true source of inspiration and creativity. Read more

A Million Sitas

Indian Performing Arts Samskriti - A Million Sitas

A MILLION SITAS tells the story of a goddess of agricultural fertility, daughter of the earth, and consort of the God, Sri Rama. Using storytelling, movement, and song as her creative arsenal, Anita Ratnam retells the story from a different point of view, one in favor of women. Dr. Ratnam's feels that the word 'Sita' shadows every Indian woman today. Her attempt to change the perspective of how Indian women are seen or treated puts Sita in front and centre in the ongoing debate for the promotion of women's voices in society.Read more


Tejas Dance pc Sharen Bradford-DallasDances 2018

Bhuvana Venkatraman & Chintan Patel explore the Ancient temple architecture through the spiritual journey of a Bhakta (devotee) through the Shiva temples of south India. During this journey of self-discovery, the artists draw parallels between the temple architecture, traditional Bharatanatyam Margam and the physical and spiritual Chakras of the body. This is a journey towards inner realization, beyond the physical world and its differences.Read more