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Group Acorde


Group Acorde is a Houston performance company formed by four well-established artists, two contemporary dancers, and two jazz musicians, who bring a novel and innovative approach to art making by combining original music and contemporary dance choreography where all artists together create the works from beginning to end. The company strives to produce high-quality work combining original music and contemporary dance choreography, where all four of the artists conceptualize the works from beginning to end.  Its mission is to cultivate and educate audiences through live performances.  The company looks to broaden its reach by partnering with other organizations that can guide us to communities that may not otherwise have access to such opportunities.

Acorde, a Portuguese word, means "wake up" and also means "chord". The definition of chord in the English language is “a combination of usually three or more musical tones sounded simultaneously” which reflects the collaborative spirit on which Group Acorde was created.


The founding artists of Group Acorde, two contemporary dancers and two jazz musicians, came together through the desire to create a more collaborative experience across their art mediums. While dance and live music have traditionally accompanied one another, Group Acorde’s creative process prioritizes a setting where music and movement are created in the same space and at the same time in a responsive and collaborative format.  This unique approach to the creation process allows for a more enriching approach for the artists to share their skill sets, resulting in more thoughtful, immersive and layered performance works for the audience. Every work that the company performs is an original work involving collaborations between two or all four of the founding company artists.

In its first two seasons, Group Acorde has been invited to participate in dance festivals such as The Barnstorm and The Dance Month at the Kaplan Theater.  The company has also partnered with local organizations including Nicole Longnecker Gallery, Artists for Hope, Dance Asia America's East Meets West production and Ash Danceworks in addition to creating, producing and premiering several original works including one full evening production, titled Unemojional, in August 2017. The company has stayed true to its education mission by offering "pay what you can" outreach classes to the dance community, where dancers can pay any amount to take a ballet or contemporary class with live accompaniment and join in a social gathering afterward.

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