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B.U. for the Arts Dance Studio


Our Mission is to provide an affordable-quality avenue for youth and young adults to enhance their dance/technical abilities and increase flexibility, while promoting healthy-living balances through the adaptation of an innovative style of dance that encompasses multiple dance specialties including Hip-Hop, Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Majorette, Contemporary, and Gymnastics.


B. U. for the Arts is an innovative youth dance-training and performance enhancement organization. We were established on our beliefs that the art-form of dance can escalate happiness; while increasing your health and mental well-being! Built from the ground up, B.U., has polished and created a highly experienced network of dancers from different fortes of the art. Members are skilled on multiple area of dance, with a hip-hip and jazz focus. Upon completion of training, students will occupy the capabilities necessary to teach other young adults and present the skills they have mastered.

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