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Iconotheatrix was founded on the idea that hard work, discipline, creativity, and teamwork are important tools for every young actor to develop. We believe that young minds will deliver what they feel is expected. We want to create an environment where children feel safe and free to express themselves and to be who they are. We plan to bring classes, workshops, and innovative, challenging shows to the community. We believe that consistency is important and we plan to maintain a steady pace of work for you and your families to be a part of. Above all else the honesty of the works performed is most important because then it is true art. We are willing to break from tradition to do new and exciting things, offering a diverse experience to take into the future. We want to provide a professional environment so, that when our students head into the real world of college and auditions, they are well prepared. Our team is made up of young fresh minds focused on bringing positive progression to the area of youth theatre.


Iconotheatrix (ITX) is a new youth theatre committed to bringing excellence and professional quality youth productions to the Houston area. ITX was founded in October of 2014 by David Allen, Eboni Bell, Kristen Del Bosque, and Logan Vaden.

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