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True Sound Rhythm Productions


True Sound Rhythm Productions is a Houston-based production and educational company dedicated to moving, enlightening, healing, and redirecting lives through Tap Dance.  Conscious of the rich heritage of The Dance, TSRP creates spaces for students and professionals alike to explore and nurture the many facets of expression. Home of the Houston tap festival, and of StepSure--an educational initiative committed to supporting the intellectual and creative genius of urban youth--TSRP is committed to developing and celebrating each of our unique voices, both on and off the wood.  As an organization, we believe in facilitating movement both intellectually and physically.  We believe in listening—to what is said, to what is unsaid, and to what has been silenced.  And above all, we believe that when we are able to “tap” into the energy of our spirits—as Lao Tzu said—“the music of our soul can be heard by the universe.”