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Ole Flamenco - Prendidos Flamenco

In “PRENDIDOS” you will journey with a cast of world-class artists, through the different "palos" or styles of flamenco that are sustained by flamenco’s three basic pillars: song, guitar, and dance.

It will depict a series of sequences that represent different important moments in life and in art. All this is contextualized in the epoch of maximum splendor for flamenco and its "cante" or song, which is so essential to today's flamenco. An epoch in which flamenco and the Spanish tonadilla share the same period of relevance. This show makes reference to that memorable artistic period where poetry, the artists and their grand personalities leave us with a legacy that is unparalleled, which we now remember as the Golden Age of flamenco. "PRENDIDOS" or “Lit” in Flamenco is a pure process. We are life itself.Read more

METdance presents our Youth Companies in "love wins"

METdance - love wins

Come and see the talented 14 MET too Youth Company members and the 6 MET ensemble members in "love wins" as they perform works by choreographers Sam Burkett, Genevieve Carson, Tammy Dyke Compton, Andres De Blust Mommaerts, Marlana Doyle, Eric Handman, Maddie Hicks, Joshua Manculich, Genene McGrath and Terrill Mitchell! Don't miss it!Read more


Open Dance Project - Alice

Open Dance Project


Inspired by Lewis Carroll's Beloved Classics

Open Dance Project's newest family audiences production follows Alice down the rabbit hole to Wonderland where strange and silly creatures teach her about the power of the imagination and the wisdom of nonsense. The performance features aerial silks, acrobatics, and clever choreography that is sure to delight children and grown-ups alike!Read more

Ganga to Kaveri

Samskiti - Ganga to Kaveri

Indian Performing Arts Samskriti

Ganga to Kaveri

A dance journey through the major rivers of India

GANGA TO KAVERI, conceived and produced by Churchill Pandian of Utsav Music, India, is a Samskriti presentation. Through 4 forms of Indian classical dance - Kathak, Odissi, Kuchipudi and Bharatanatyam - in 4 different languages, dancers 'connect' the major rivers of India, the famous Ganges (Ganga), Yamuna, Brahmaputra, Narmada and Kaveri.

Noted dancers Astha Dixit (Kathak), Bhavana Reddy (Kuchipudi), Nitya Narasimhan (Bharatanatyam), Aparupa Chatterjee (Odissi) and guest dancers Venugopal Josyula, Isha Parupudi and Jvalanti Prasad of Houston's Anjali Dance Company.Read more



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