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As The Shadows Grow Longer

CORE Dance - As The Shadows Grow Longer - Photo by Simon Gentry

Core Dance

As The Shadows Grow Longer

A work by D. Patton White

After the unexpected and untimely death of his brother Claiborne, choreographer and Core Dance Company Manager D. Patton White was compelled to create. Several sources of inspiration informed his dance making including the etymology of the word “memorial,” a recommended musical composition of the third movement of Ralph Vaughn Williams’ Symphony Number 5 in D Major, and the creative talents of the dance artists of Core Dance.Read more


Open Dance Project - Panopticon

Open Dance Project


Someone's Always Watching

Panopticon is an hour long immersive production choreographed by Annie Arnoult in collaboration with the performers and inspired by Open Dance Project’s ongoing research into the Sci-fi world of retro-futuristic dystopias. Set in a world where “citizens” are constantly being watched, a la George Orwell’s 1984, Panopticon follows two would-be lovers struggling with their desire for physical and emotional intimacy in a world where deep, human connection is forbidden.Read more