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In The Light of Beauty

Ad Deum - In The Light of Beauty

Ad Deum

In The Light of Beauty

An Evening Of Inspiring Dance

Ad Deum’s presentation of In The Light of Beauty is offered as a gift of transcendence. Our desire and our mission is to take our audience to a higher place; a place where joy, wonder, peace and hope can flood and fill the heart and soul. We offer our gift of dance as a sacrament, preparing a place of communion through moving images of redemptive beauty. Read more

Olé Flamenco

Institute of Spanish Arts - Ole Flamenco 2020

Lucia y Valdemar Flamenco and Houston Institute of Spanish Arts

Olé Flamenco

Lucia & Valdemar Student Dance Recital and Performance

Exciting flamenco and Spanish dances performed by students of Escuela Flamenca de Lucia and guest professional performers. Flamenco dances will include solea por buleria, guajira, bulerias and more. Dancers will be displaying fans in some of the dances and playing castanets in Ernesto Lecuona's 'Andalucia'. Musicians will also perform music from the north of Spain in addition to flamenco.Read more


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