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Barnstorm Dance Fest 2019

Dance Source Houston - Barnstorm 2019

Dance Source Houston presents the fifth annual Barnstorm Dance Fest June 19-23, 2019 featuring 3 unique programs of 20 original dance works. The weeklong festival showcases the diversity, quality, and vibrancy of dance in Houston and provides audiences a sampling of dance genres.

Barnstorm highlights Houston based choreographers and companies, and also includes a number of out of town artists. This year's festival was curated by panelists Elijah Alhadji Gibson, Sue Schroeder and Janie Yao.Read more


John Beasant - Gentle Men

John Beasant and Dancers


An intimate evening of contemporary dance, film, and prose

"Gentle/Men" marks the choreographic Houston debut of independent dance-maker, John Beasant III. The production is an evening-length concert of a series of contemporary dance suites, dance-film, and prose, featuring nine Houston-based professional male dance artists.

The show celebrates men in dance, aims to advocate for acceptance of the American male dancer, and brings awareness of the art form from a male perspective. Mr. Beasant invites audiences to witness his unique presentation of an abstract narrative of physicality that highlights humanness through both virtuosity and femininity.Read more

Frenzied Phony

ReFine Arts - Frenzied Phony

A zany, upbeat comedy set in the swingin’ 1940s. Ann Andrews discovers it doesn’t pay so well to be a woman on the stage in the ’40s and decides to audition as a man. She soon finds herself hopping between multiple identities, causing a ruckus of confusion. Mishaps and mayhem abound in the midst of the glitz and glamour of show business. Come see a ballet, swing dancing, acrobatics, high flying aerialists and many more surprises in this upbeat, family-friendly comedy of errors.Read more

Houston Preliminary Competition for 2019 K-Pop Festival

Korean Consulate - Houston Preliminary Competition for 2019 K-Pop Festival

Who's next? Chase Your Dream with K-POP Festival!

2019 Changwon K-POP World Festival Global Auditions have begun and the Regional Preliminary Competition for the 2019 K-Pop World Festival will be held in Houston on Saturday, July 6th. This is your chance to compete to represent the U.S. at the 2019 K­-Pop World Festival taking place in Korea this fall!Read more