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The Dream Studio


The Dream Studio provides quality dance programs and instruction to students of all ages . We believe that the arts enrich the life of the students and families while building communities through cultural awareness. We empower our students to recognize their potential and realize their dreams . DANCE THE DREAM. LIVE THE DREAM. BE THE DREAM. 


The Dream studio provides artistic after-school and summer programs for at-risk students that reside in compromising communities. Dance The Dream initiatives are designed to keep Houston's youth safe, engaged and prepared for adulthood, by providing diverse dance instruction, while fostering an endearing environment amongst peers. We empower our youth to identify their creative potential through performing arts and to exceed the statistical limitations that surround their community.

The Dream Studio is a registered non-profit, 501(c)(3) that has served over 3,500 children of the Houston community for over 3 years. We strengthen our youth to create alternate opportunities, that will shape them to be successful in their future. Our goal is to make every child's dream accessible and attainable, amidst their environments.

We invite you to "Dance The Dream" with us!

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