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Samarpanam Houston


Samarpanam is a non-profit organization for the promotion of Indian performing arts, particularly classical Indian dance (Bharatha Natyam) in this great city of Houston, Texas.


In an ancient Indian language, the word means ‘whole-hearted offering”. The organization aspires to add to Houston’s rich cultural diversity, by inspiring, educating, and stimulating the creativity of her citizens.  There is in this city and state a sizeable emigrant Asian Indian population. The children, who are US citizens, have been born and brought up in the US. They are thus offered a glimpse of the culture of a very different place thousands of miles away from today’s Houston.  Through numerous public performances utilizing these students, as well as visiting professionals from India, opportunity is offered for sharing this art form with the American community at large.

A quality arts education, especially for the young, can open a crucial gateway to a lifetime appreciation of and involvement in the arts. Samarpanam seeks to promote the creation and presentation of quality artistic work, and to foster a love for the arts in our society’s youth.

The organization promotes activities aimed at sharing values and heritage of the Community, in particular for the younger generations. The organization will  host cultural programs – dance and music  to achieve the above objectives.  It is intended to invite artists (troupe) from India to perform here in the USA to an audience of both the youth and mature adults.

Talented youth, with training in Bharathanatyam, will also be encouraged and sponsored to stage programs of their own in Houston. Several professionals have staged Workshops for the youth, already trained in the art, to improve their creative talent

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