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Ole Flamenco and La Juerga


To enrich and expose Texas and its community with the highest level of flamenco, via performances and workshops.


During late 2018, La Juerga Flamenco reached out to Ole Flamenco, with a proposal to join forces with a common goal in mind;  Elevating flamenco to a higher level in Texas by hosting the best flamenco artists in order to perform and teach. As their debut project, this duo of flamenco teams is presenting  “PRENDIDOS” by world-renowned artist, Alfonso Losa (Madrid, Spain) and Company. Setting the tone for this collaboration from the onset, by procuring top-level artists, such as Losa, demonstrates that we believe Texas deserves to have the highest caliber of art possible represented in the state. It is their goal to create events of the highest caliber, in order to make Texas a requisite flamenco destination in the USA.

Past Events at MATCH