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DiverseWorks commissions, produces, and presents new and daring art in all its forms through innovative collaborations that honor each artist’s vision without constraint.


Founded by artists in 1982, DiverseWorks is nationally known for its ground-breaking programming; as a resource for the innovative and meaningful engagement of communities; and as a force that has shaped contemporary thought and practice in Houston and the nation. DiverseWorks has a long history of supporting the creation of new work, cross-disciplinary collaboration, and as a bridge between diverse sectors of the art community.  

For nearly 35 years, DiverseWorks has served as a forum for issues and works that have had no other public outlet in Houston. Today, DiverseWorks produces a year-round schedule of exhibitions, performances, and community programs and is recognized as a vital presence in national organizations such as the National Performance Network and Common Field. DiverseWorks is a local and national source for high quality, progressive works of art that compel viewers to broaden their perceptions of what art is and how art can be a critical tool for addressing cultural and aesthetic concerns. Recent commissions include projects by Lily Cox-Richard, Kate Gilmore & Heather Rowe, Laura Gutierrez, Pablo Helguera, Autumn Knight, Liz Magic Laser, Sheila Pepe, Sondra Perry, Wura Natasha-Ogunji, taisha paggett, Wu Tsang, and Takahiro Yamamoto, among others.