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Movement Lab


The Movement Lab was founded in May of 2013 by Kevin Fitzgerald Ferguson.  TML is a place where Dancers become Artist; spring boarding Houston’s suburban youth, and city youth to professional careers.  The Movement Lab is an artistic culture of training, sharing, and collaborating talents. 

Why the Movement Lab?

Students are challenged to find their inner voices, while remaining open to new textures and methods.  Mr. Ferguson believes, “Artistry is an innate tool that separates each individual.  Here, at the Lab, we promote a strong foundation in Ballet, Modern, and Jazz, combined with artistic license and qualitative virtuosity.”  TML artist train in a very competitive, caring, and confident environment.  Each Dancer is recognized for their talent, and pushed to surpass all levels of comfort ability.  This journey, though long and demanding is the epitome of beauty.  A TML education is priceless.  A TML Dancer is unstoppable. 

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