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Urban Souls Dance Company


Urban Souls Dance Company (USDC) mission is to bridge the gap between life and art by promoting the importance of creativity.

USDC is dedicated to the preservation and creation of historical and contemporary dances, which celebrate cultural themes that educate and entertain our audiences.

USDC desires to cultivate future audiences and artists by providing dance training, performances, and experiences for the communities in which it serves. The dancers of Urban Souls provide not just a dance performance, but also an experience that will inspire, teach, and challenge audiences.

The Why

Everything we do we believe in challenging societies views that separates us. We believe in thinking differently. We believe art can transforms people, and people transforms the world.

The How

The way we challenge societies views that separates us is by creating a wide spectrum of artistic works that promotes diversity, love, and understanding differences.

The What

We are a social arts organization that promotes creativity. We use the art of dance to advocate creativity that inspires society to move closer together.

Past Events at MATCH