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Creative Movement Practices


Creative Movement Practices was founded in 2021 by Sarah Sneesby to be a production support and theatrical movement education company. We are committed to facilitating an inspiring, transformative, and collaborative space for theatre makers to practice, hone, and establish their craft. We strive to create an environment where all individuals are treated with respect and dignity, can contribute fully to the creation process, and have equal opportunities for growth and success.


Creative Movement Practices (CMP) believes that it is our job to provide an equitable space for actors of all backgrounds and levels of study to continue developing their skills. As such, we provide need-based tuition tiers for all movement classes and workshops. No actor should be unable to attend the classes necessary to ensure they have the tools needed to have a sustainable, healthy career as a theatre artist. Led by a freelance artist and working mom, we recognize that there is an inherent lack of ability for many mothers or single parents to participate in either community theatre or professional fringe productions. As such, CMP commits to providing childcare assistance to any actor, technician, crew member, or production staff member through the rehearsal process until the production moves to the performance venue. Assistance with childcare will adjust and vary based on the needs of the individual(s). We also commit to being as fluid as possible when it comes to scheduling parents’ rehearsal hours to allow for them to be a functional, present member of the family during rehearsal periods.?Creative Movement Practices firmly believes that rehearsal rooms and classrooms are a collaborative space meant to learn, create, and tell stories through consent-based practices. As such, we expect every individual in the room to adhere to a code of conduct that places respect, teamwork, and body autonomy at the forefront of our practice. Whether we are producing a show, or simply providing services for your production (Direction, Choreography, Movement Direction, Intimacy Coordination or Choreography), we are committed to providing a nurturing environment based on the tenants of respect and self-care.

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